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What is the University Neisse?

Neisse University is an international “Information and Communication Management” bachelor’s degree study program in English language within three countries of the Neisse Region. This program provides education in the fields of economy, management, marketing, psychology, communication and IT. The studies begin in the Czech Republic, continue in Poland, and are accomplished in Germany. Furthermore, the program includes a 3-month internship anywhere in the world.
The goal of the studies is not only to gain professional skills but to get experience and personal growth during the education process. As a student of the Neisse University, you will get an opportunity to gain working process experience in multicultural groups, to understand principles of team building, and to find out about the benefits of studying in an international environment.
Neisse program accepts students from all over the world – Europe, Africa, Asia as well as North or South America.

«Information and Communication Management»

The International Bachelor Program of Neisse University

  • Required Specialization

    Graduates are in demand in the world's largest companies.

  • Three Years Long Journey

    Find yourself and visit new places.

  • Improve English + Learn 3 Other Languages

    Become an expert of international level.

  • For Free

    A student from the European Union pays only for household expenses.

  • International Relationships

    Meet with students like yourself from all over the world.

  • Internship in any Country in the World for 3 Months

    Do you want to work in Asia, Australia or the USA?

About the Neisse University

Since 2001 the Neisse University runs only an “Information and communication management” branch.
The program's main focus is on management and computer science; however, it includes economics, psychology, communication as well as rhetoric, with the goal to provide a balanced combination of technical and social skills.

Eduсation Programm

The B.Sc. in Information and Communication Management is a six-semester full-time program. Students are required to take all the modules during each semester as is indicated below. According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) students will acquire 180 credit points and qualify for Master's programs.

Czech Republic

The first term education program is focused on creating foundations of informatics and economy with basics of psychology. During second term there is much more focus on economy, marketing, and psychology, as well as continuous acquirement of better basic IT knowledge. There is also one week of an excellent course of Argumentation and Rhetoric with the famous British professor Steve Wheeler, who is already cooperating with the Neisse University for many years.


Studies in Poland are in particular related to IT, accounting, communication, and law. Students build up on basics they’ve acquired in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, there is one week course, this time about European law.


During the fifth semester, you will get deeply into information and communication science. Students organize the annual Neisse Meeting as a part of their studies for all current students and graduates. The last semester is composed of an internship and writing of the bachelor's thesis.

Semester Content

Traineeships All Over the World

One great advantage of this study program is a 3-month internship in any country around the world. That will give you an excellent opportunity to try yourself in an international company and to learn from experienced professionals. Students of the Neisse University had completed practice terms in more than 20 countries – including Japan and the USA – in the following companies: IBM, Google, Skoda, and such.

"Neisse University presents a unique opportunity for students to study in three countries, Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. It offers all participants a multi-cultural, dynamic and purposeful route to achieving a qualification for the 21st-century living and working. I have been teaching Neisse students since the start of the project and I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful and inspiring experience which has given me many cherished memories. Long may Neisse continue!"

Steve Wheeler

Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at Plymouth University in South West England

Apply From:

Czech Republic Poland Germany European Union out of European Union


This education program is free of charge for European Union citizens. For non-EU students, the tuition cost is approximately 1500 Euro per semester, except for the last two semesters in Germany that are free of charge for everyone.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the rental payment is approximately 2500-3500 CZK (90-130 EUR) per month. The final cost depends on the type of the room, and the number of roommates. Food and clothing costs are approximately 4000 CZK (150 EUR). The payments for leisure time are also very individual. If you wish to go out to clubs and restaurants with your friends, expect to spend at least 1000 CZK (40 EUR) or more. The university fee (for registration, student card, etc.) in the Czech Republic is approximately 300 CZK (11 EUR).


In Poland, the cost of living is a bit lower than in the Czech Republic. For the student accommodation, it is around 300-350 PLN (70-80 EUR) and a deposit of 200 PLN (50 EUR). The food and clothing spending is very similar to the Czech Republic. The university fee in Poland is around 30 PLN (7 EUR).


In Germany, living costs are the highest. For accommodation, you will be required to pay approximately 190-270 EUR. For the food and necessities, you have to expect spending around 200 EUR. For the fun and some parties, you can add another 50 EUR. The university fee in Germany is around 160 EUR in total. You will pay approximately 80 EUR for a semester.


During each year, you can apply for various grants. In the Czech Republic, you can get the living grant and an excellent studying grant. German students can get a grant for the whole studying period. In Poland, only Polish students can apply for the university grant, and German students can apply for the Erasmus+. In Germany, Czech and Polish students can apply for the Agricola grant and for Erasmus+.

Continuous Education and Job Opportunities

Most of the graduates often continue with master studies – they often choose another study in English in a foreign country and choose majors such as international management, economics or IT. Neisse programs give a perfect opportunity to try yourself in (the) different areas and to choose the best master program to continue with your education.
Graduates can start their professional career in key areas of international business administration like marketing, corporate finance, accounting, management. Also, the fields of economy, computer science or even running your own business are common career paths after the graduation.


“I had decided to continue my studies at Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz (Informatics) after graduation at Neisse University. During my master studies, I applied for a job at Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile (TPCA) to become Information Systems specialist. I was hired immediately thanks to all the things I have learned while studying at Neisse University and HSZG. I had deep knowledge about trends in IT plus my communication skills were high above average in the TPCA IS department. I personally recommend studying at Neisse University to everyone I meet. Neisse University is not only about the subject “Information and communication management”. It is a school of life – you live abroad, you feed yourself, you deal with other people, you have the possibility to speak four languages a day, etc. And there is a bonus of an incredible looking CV which unlocks the first door to your dream career.”
Barbora Městková
“After finishing Neisse University in 2011, I have entered another international study program. While Neisse provided me mostly with hard skills as computer literacy, CEMS Master in International Management is a more business-focused program. After spending an exhausting semester at prestigious Rotterdam School of Management and three semesters at the University of Economics, Prague, I am now about to finish it. During the past two years, I have gained professional experience through various internships in banking, management consulting and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods). Neisse University is definitely a step out of your comfort zone - studying with foreigners in English, moving in and out, subjects that range from programming to psychology. But without it, I would not have been able to achieve what I did, both personally and professionally. Last but not least, one gets to know amazing people. Neisse University opened me the door to pursue an international career. If you are not sure what you want to do but you want to work around the world, I can only recommend applying as this is a really great start that can help you to find your way.”
Marek Lejsek
“Studying at Neisse University altogether was a great experience. Particularly living and studying in 3 different countries, the language diversity and the cohesion of the study group have been stuck in my memory. To my mind, the seminars and lectures built a good knowledge base, and I was able to apply a few learned skills later in my career. Having selected a rather untypical course of studies attracted attention for further applications and has eventually been a great stepping stone for my academic and professional career. Due to the English-speaking environment at Neisse as well as the flexibility and openness gained there I was well prepared for my master studies that I completed entirely abroad. Currently works for Zürich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft as communications manager.”
Katharina Wessels
“I met nice colleagues and teachers during my studies. They were very friendly and I am glad to stay in contact with them. Living in a different town for some time is different from coming there for a visit. l like that NEISSE UNIVERSITY allows us to study in different places. But most I appreciated the opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country.”
Zuzana Brozová
“If you are looking for something unique, NEISSE UNIVERSITY is the place to go. It is a perfect way to grow as a personality. During your journey you will meet a lot of people from different countries, creating unforgettable memories. Because of that uncommon setting, living in three different countries in such a short time, you‘ll certainly get the attention of most of the employers.”
David Braun
“I traveled a lot before starting university and was afraid of getting stuck in one place. Then I heard of NEISSE UNIVERSITY - changing environment each year will not let you get bored with your study and will provide constant stimulation to try new things. The program has all advantages of the Erasmus exchange program but additionally offers security and peace of mind - the accommodation and formal issues are taken care of for you. If I were choosing University again I would choose the NEISSE!”
Krzysztof Stankiewicz
“In 2007 I started the Neisse University as one of my nicest experiences in my study time. Even though, my holidays were shortened because of an English course with national speakers. This course did not just improve my English skills but it also socialized the class. As you already know the main idea was to put together at least 3 nations like Czech, Germany, and Poland. By having these different nations in one class it forces you to speak English not just at school but also when you are hanging out or doing sports. The English language was probably the most attractive thing to me in the beginning. The first year in the Czech Republic in Liberec was not so special to me because I used to live there before. The second year I understood how important my polish classmates were because they helped us to better integrate into the polish culture and to learn the polish language. Whereas in the Czech Republic we learned quite a lot about economics and maths in Poland it was more focused on programming. In Germany, I liked the teaching techniques of the lecturers the most which were little bit different than in the other two countries before. Unfortunately, the time in Germany is only for one semester because the last semester you have to do an internship where ever you want in the world. I along with many of my classmates took the opportunity to do it in Germany. I joined a start-up in Munich where I helped set up the company. My classmate and a good friend Ondřej and I enjoyed our experience so much that at the end of studies we decided to create a video on YouTube “Neisse university documentary” to make the information about the school more accessible and to give others the chance to try it as well. I feel very lucky with my studies compared to classmates from high school that went to well-known universities in Prague etc. I have often seen them fail, to quit or to be kicked out. The problem is for sure not in their intelligence but rather due to the fact that these universities have a huge amount of students that can be just treated as numbers. If you get in troubles and you need help, do not expect help from the university. I do not say it is a rule for all universities, for example, the Neisse University has a really friendly connection to their students because there is one lecturer and max 30 students in any kind of lesson. The Neisse University gave me a broad overview of communication, management and IT. It enabled me to discover the Polish culture in a way I hadn‘t been able to before, even though I had been living just 30 km from the border. The Neisse University showed me that nothing is impossible; it is just a matter of negotiation. After graduating I continued on to a Master‘s degree in Innsbruck.”
Lukas Svoboda

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a perspective international study program, which leads students to professional and personal development. More than that, it is fun and a great adventure. Few people can speak about such a unique study experience.
Graduates find employment very soon and work in international companies as a consultant, manager or a developer. Some start a company, but most continue with master studies, usually abroad.
No, it is not. An intermediate level (B1) of English is enough. You will take an intensive two-week English course just before studies begin. The study group is international which means you will speak English on a daily basis. Your English language skills will improve rapidly and English will become second nature to you. Before the first examination period your language skills will improve more then you can imagine.
A major focus of the Neisse University is management, communication and IT.
Some students find the greatest challenge with the Mathematics or IT courses. However, the finishing rate of our studies is over 80%.
The course of the mathematical subjects is only during the first year in the Czech Republic. You will get a general knowledge about math analysis and statistics. There are required only the basics. If you will be struggling hard with those subjects you can definitely ask your teachers for help.
In each country, there is a representative, whom you can ask for help at any time. Also, students from the study group usually help each other if some problem occurs.
You can talk with our graduates and ask them anything about the Neisse University, or contact a Neisse University representative in any country. All contacts are right below FAQ.
It is usually around 20 to 30 students.
You will definitely speak fluent English. You may also learn German, Czech and Polish language. There is a basic language course in each country and it is only up to you to take the opportunity of being in a native environment and learn beyond basics.
If you are from the European Union, whole studies are completely tuition free.
Yes, of course. However, you will not qualify for free tuition. Contact us for more information about tuition and any other fees.
Neisse University has been in operation since 2001. We have over 200 successful graduates.

Contact Us Neisse University

Contact Students
Office Neisse University in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Hana Stárová
Voroněžská 1329/13, 460 01 Liberec, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 48535 2501
Office Neisse University in Poland
Mgr. -Ing. Anna Pieńkowska
Plac Piastowski 27, 58-500 Jelenia Góra, Poland
Phone: +48 75 755 15 99
Office Neisse University in Germany
Frau Dipl.-Ing. oec. Gabriele Sefrin
Theodor-Körner-Allee 16, 02763 Zittau, Germany
Phone: +49 3583 6115 04
Persons in charge of your internship:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Ruhland
Obermarkt 17, 02862 Görlitz, Germany
Phone: +49 3581 7671 255

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